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Keep Humpin
Dec 5, 2004
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On the Wall Street Journal's blog "The Wealth Report," author Robert Frank calls the TSA's LASP "a small price to pay" for "well-heeled" travelers, and completely misses the broad implications of the proposed rule.

To anyone who has read the NPRM or NBAA's analysis at it's clear that the LASP would not be just a minor inconvenience to a few wealthy individuals, but an unnecessary and harmful burden that would have unintended consequences for companies of all sizes, all across the U.S.

The author needs to understand that GA airplanes are business tools that help companies to be competitive. Their use provides over 1 million manufacturing and service jobs, and enables economic development in over 4,000 communities not served by the commercial airlines.

I encourage you to read the blog entry and submit your comments to give the Wall Street Journal the real world perspective of the how the TSA's proposal would impact the operations of so many of the companies in the business aviation community. If you'd like some thought-starters for points to make, NBAA has a variety of resources available for review at: