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Feb 18, 2002
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I just got a call to confirm my interest in flying for US Customs and to give me an interview date. I know a lot of folks have been waiting since before Sept. 11th to find out their status in the hiring process with USCS. Does anyone have any new information on delays/numbers of hires/numbers of interviewee's/scores to be competitive for hire? Anything would be appreciated.

Hugh Jorgan

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Nov 25, 2001
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Some fishy stuff going on there, but I like your chances. For all the guys out there that interviewed in November, If you didn't get a call yet, you are INELIGIBLE. Here's why: They hired three people from that timeframe. Apparently we all were considered three times for each of those positions. According to law, once you have been considered three times for one vacancy announcement, you are no longer eligible for consideration. You must re-apply when (if) the next announcement is made (May?). So, the folks who got their apps in a little later and were not interviewed in November will be eligible for any jobs that are awarded between now and May. I THINK this is how it works. I get a different answer every time I call. I am wondering if anyone else who didn't get hired was notified. The people I have spoken to were not. Not even a "thanks for playing". Anyway, it's a great job according to those I know who work there, but all I have had contact with have nothing but negative things to say about the hiring process itself. Add me to that list. They prefer to keep it a big mystery. Any more info on the subject would be greatly appreciated.