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Customs Decal

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Well-known member
Nov 30, 2001
Hey guys, got the renewal form for our 2002 customs decal in the mail a few months ago and well, ummm, kinda didn't send it in, and now can't find it Wouldn't you know, bossman wants to go to the bahamas on jan 3rd. So....who knows the contact to get one of these decals? As i recall there was a fax number for quick service. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. love the new board!
I'm sitting in a hotel right now, but if you can get your hands on an " AC- U-KWICK " book they will have all the customs telephone numbers near you airport.
OK, yeah, but the closest one is 2 hours away. Can you even get a decal there? I now have a little more time to do the research, hopefully the customs web site will answer some questions.. thanks
Not sure if things have changed lately, but you used to be able to get them when you returned to the states from the customs officer. At least I have done so in the past. You of course don't need them to leave the country.
Here ya go.

U.S. Customs

Click on the User Fee Decal link. You do not necessarily have to have this going over as you can purchase it on the way back in.

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