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Duke, Navy & JetBlue
Nov 26, 2001
I read in the FAQs that you can add a custom status and I have seen it on some posts, however, I go to edit my profile and I do not have the user text field that is described. Please help, I am tired of being a "Junior Member."



I think you need to post more. I am not sure the cut off. But you status will go up with more posts.
Actually Jim it is because of your satanic college symbol <bg>. Perhaps something simple more tame like a sheep would be more appropriate...; )

Joyous New Year to You

I am not a smart man...

I don't have anything below my birthday but the aircraft info.
Any advice for the learning impaired? -- Maybe it's natural selection.

Forest Gump:confused:
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Yeah, it took me awhile too, and I think I am on the smart side of computer savvy. Then I went on a posting frenzy and checked again, and it was there. Check after 10 or 15 posts and it should pop up.

Good luck,


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