Custom Aircraft Profile Art


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Apr 3, 2002
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Hi All,

I'm new to this board, and I wanted to let everyone know about my aviation art business, PlaneGrafx.

PlaneGrafx offers aviation enthusiasts highly customized, gallery-quality profile art of famous military aircraft. Choices include having one's name under the canopy, aircraft numerical designation, ordnance loadout, a stylized airplane name, and more. Each matted and framed print measures 11.5" x 21.5", and uses museum-grade conservatory materials.

My first aircraft is the F4U Corsair, featuring three different variants and six paint schemes, plus a non-custom Ace Series that includes Boyington, Kepford, Hedrick and Walsh.

The next profile due to be released this summer is the F-4J Phantom II.

Thanks in advance for checking it out!

Tod "Eiger" Gunter