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Current and Calibrated

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May 17, 2005
Besides being good practice, can anybody tell me where in the regs it talks about having current manuals when performing maint? Also do the regs require you to have calibrated tools, such as torque wrenches and compression guages? This would pertain to a part 61 flight school.

Thanks for that. I guess when I reviewed 43 I "skipped" over the current manual part :)

"He shall use the tools, equipment, and test apparatus necessary to assure completion of the work in accordance with accepted industry practices"

Ok I get it, it is implied that having calibrated tools is industry practice. Could you be violated for not having calibrated tools? How far do you take it? Tire pressure guages, multimeters, micrometers etc?
When not working under Parts 121, 135, or 145, you are not required to show compliance with calibration, except where specifically called out. However, how are you going to show that you did the work to a known value, if your tools aren't calibrated?

If you use an uncalibrated tool to torque a part which requires 40-50 inch-lbs, how can you show you performed it (or be sure you did) to that value unless the tool has a current calibration? Same for electrical measurements, etc. Calibration isn't just about doing the job properly, either...it's for your own protection with respect to the liability of ensuring the job is done correctly.

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