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Cuba Overfly Permit

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New member
Feb 24, 2002
Does anybody know how I obtain a permit to overfly Cuba? I'm flying to the Caymans and need this to pass through their airspace (via the Giron corridor). I was thinking maybe through the Treasury Dept, since that's where most of the signs are pointing....any help is greatly appreciated.
Over Cuba

Have fun in the Cayman's I've flown there about 20 times in the last 2 years. As far as an over flight permit; the best place to go is to Universal in Houston or Jeppesen and let their flight planning services take care of it for you. There is also a company in Miami that does it for cheaper, but the on time I did use them they screwed it up and I was denied overflight when only 30NM fomr Cubian airspace, that's a big surprise. About 3 weeks latter I got a bill in the mail from them to boot.
Overflight permits are issued by the country your going to overfly, they are issued for a spific time/date/route ect. (some countries vary) some countries also have a time period in which an overflight will be issued. ie 1 weeks notice/48 hours ect. You could call the Cubian government for the permit (tha's the cheepest way);)
One more thing the FAA has put some restrictions on Part 91 IFR flights to foreign countries, I'm not sure how much of the Caribbian (sp?) is alright to fly to. Diffenetly check.
If this is your first trip to MWCR you might want to us a service like Universal to set up "handling" for you. At least on your first trip just so you get to know people. The Cayman's are laid back, Customs is a breeze and the person that comes out to spray" your aircraft's cabin will want paid in cash, our plane was $50US for a Sabreliner.
PM me if you have anymore questions.

PS you will need a passport!!

What type of aircraft are you going to fly down there and what homebase are you departing from?
I'm flying a 182RG and departing from IGQ in Lansing, IL (suburb of Chicago). We usually spend a night in Athens, GA, on these types of trips, since bad weather usually follows me (last time it was down to minimums and only 2 airports were open within a 400 mi radius!). We'll fly to Key West for a night before leaving the US, since we aren't in a huge hurry. We're going for Aviation week, but aren't planning on being part of the whole caravan.

Thanks for the info, leardvr...I'm sure I'll be PM-ing you with another question or two!:)
Air Routing, Dispatch Services,Jeppesen, any of those that will get the overflight. Once your there the FBO can get you one northbound no problem( he can get you one southbound too if you call him, Tom Gytes(sp), they are very helpful there.) Get the number from the international Airport Directory AC-u-Kwik.I'll make it easy Island Air 1+345-949-0241 Fax 1-345-949-7044. They will help you with everything. Tell them Dave Gardner said "hi" have a nice trip.

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