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CS/NJA 7 Off

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Well-known member
Nov 22, 2002
Hey Guys,

I am familiar with the 90 or 120 min radius to your base with both of these companies. Am I correct in thinking you only have to be within this radius on your ON days or brief day? i.e. The rest of the time I can be hiding out skinning beavers in an igloo, rolling around Vegas with my entourage, or just the usual scheming to take over the world away from any contact with the company?

I am considering making the leap from 121 where my off days are OFF days and want to make sure that is still the case with the frac side (not the corporate mentality of, "well you weren't called, so you had the day off")

CS- you have to prove you live within 90 miles. use of a drivers liscence and electrical bill.

NJ- they don't care where you live just as long as you show up to work. The 90 miles is if you live within a domicile you have to use that domicile not a hba. Doesn't really apply to you.

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