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Well-known member
Jun 27, 2005
Any place to live while in CRW? Crashpads? Where to stay away from? Is it a nice town?

Please be serious!


Depends on where you're from. I personally don't like CRW...the people there are different. If you're used to the big cities like Chicago, Boston, DC, you'll hate it there. I don't think I could live there. You can get a very cheap apartment there for about $300 and it's actually not too bad condition. Crashpads, I don't know...
Okay I will be serious. DEE DOW! Everyone there is inbreed meaning they sleep with their relatives. They will not miss the chance to house an outsider. Bring your banjo and you are in. How's your wife and my kid? That base sucks you will be miserable you might as well just kill yourself now. Come be cold with me.
Charlie West isnt that bad. If you like skiing (on the east coast) drive on down to Snowshoe Ski Resort. Not bad, but remember it is east coast skiing.
Charlie West is terrible! It is in the middle of nowhere. I think they filmed the dukes of hazzard there. You got screwed.
I like CRW. Beautiful scenery and lots of outdoor things to do. Right now the Gauley River rafting season is happening.....class 5 and loads of fun. Small town atmosphere for the most part. I liked the time I spent there.

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