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Dec 22, 2001
I would like to know the difference, if any, in the pay scales between the 44 seat and 50 seat CRJ. Any info. is greatly appreciated
I am not aware of a 44 seat CRJ. I believe there is a 44 seat ERJ. To which airline are you referring?
MetroSheriff said:
I am not aware of a 44 seat CRJ. I believe there is a 44 seat ERJ. To which airline are you referring?

I know that NWA has ordered 75 firm and 75 options of the 44 seaters CRJ (I think it its called CRJ440), its the same as CRJ 200 except that it has 6 less seats and some minor mods.
no one knows if they are going to Mesaba or Express1,we will find out some time this year.
I think the meaning behind the questions is as follows...

Express I mgmt has asked for a DECREASE in pay for the 6 seat difference betweeen the 2 aircraft. Union told them no and now it is heading to arbitration (sp?).

To my knowledge the only 2 companies getting the CL-440 are Comair (who have several on the property and no difference in pay) and NWA (Express I and Mesaba). I am not sure if anyone else is in line for 44 seaters.
This is the first I have heard of a 44-seat CRJ. Please excuse my ignorance, but can someone tell me why, if this new CL-440 is basically the same as a CL-65 with 6 less seats, any company would want it? Is it that much cheaper to buy and operate? I can't imagine that it would be. Why not just get the 50 seater and have the potential for 6 more seats of revenue?

I know that at Eagle we got the 44 seat ERJ-140 specifically because it gets around the scope clause we have with AA. Is it a scope issue at NW Airlink as well?
Exactly, the NWA contract limits is to aircraft certified for 45 or more seats, so thatbrings in the 44 seater
Are you sure it is a 44 seat and not a 40 seat CRJ. Comair has no 44 seaters to my knowledge. Only 50 seaters and just took delivery of their first 40 seater. ASA operates a few 40 seat CRJ-200. There is no such animal as a CRJ-440. Bombardier makes the -100 and -200 series. Same airframe. The 40 CRJ is a -200 airframe with 10 seats removed and some additional storage closets (for crew bags) where those seats used to be. ASA has the same pay rate for the 40 seater as the 50 seater. My understanding is that DCI got a deal on the 40 version of the a/c. If they ever want to convert them back to 50 seaters or sell them as 50 seaters, they will have to pay a premium to the manufacturer.
Yep, its a 44 seater with a seperate type certificate. Had to be designed specifically for NWA to get around the contract language which states that the max certified seating is 45
The reason they have the 40 seat CRJ is cost. You see, Embraier makes a 40 seat version of their popular ERJ, and some airlines wanted a cheaper/smaller version. But, Bombardier decided to sell their CRJ with less seats, rather than build a whole new airframe. Apparently, it was cheaper for them to remove the seats and sell it as a 40 seater, rather than develop an entirely new airframe. When the airline purchases one, they have to sign an agreement not to put any more seats in them. I know this sounds strange, but that is why they have the 40 seat with the same airframe as the 50 seat version. I'ts cheaper for the airline, and for the manufacturer. Hope this helps..
Oops, forgot the original question. The pay scales at Comair, the world's largest operator of rj's, is the same for the 50 and 40 seat version.

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