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CRJ jetway question

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Well-known member
Mar 10, 2002
quick question about the CRJ...can a jetway be pulled up to it? I've seen the difference between the exits on the ERJ and CRJ and am curious. I'm still in the Beech and waiting for class..

in the Beech I get wet every time it rains as the FO:) I can't wait for the day I don't have to greet and exit passengers every leg from the bottom of the stairs.:p

First Congrats!

I am assuming your a Mesa pilot, you will enjoy the difference (I am a former MESA 1900 driver)

Second, the ERJ has different door configurations, some have the door that drops down to stairs (like the 1900) the others have the door that opens to the side and you need stairs or a jet bridge.

The CRJ I am in we have stairs, but the ability to drop the handrails so we can accept a jet bridge. So to answer your question.. YES, but some jet bridges cannot get low enough to meet the door opening.

Your still going to get wet one way or the other, just not as often nor for as long as the 1900 use to be...
thanks..i have always seen the doors that drop like a Beech's but figured there was probably a way that they were able to drop the rails to get a jetway to fit..sweet

Close, I'm a Commutairsman...flying up in snow country...
ha, theres a sweet rumor to start...kinda like the last couple we've had about getting saabs to fly for NorthWest or Shuttle America's Dash's last year..

Actually I'll be going to Comair once they start up classes mid-summer (July or early Aug.)..for now I'm lovin my time at Commutair. Except the **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** rain and wind.
whoops, apparently we can't use that word... I'll rephrase..

" except the (large concrete structure used to block water from flowing downstream" rain and wind...:D
Mesa Airlines in PHX frequently uses the jetbridges on the CRJ's. When I was an agent there, I got to drive the jetbridges. (And you thought flying planes was fun!!!)
To rienforce a previous post...the Jet-Bridge is the weak link. As I understand it...there are certain brands of bridges that cannot maneuver to the low sill height of the CRJ. For those that can...the hand rails fold perfectly and it works great!

I was down in PHL recently, and the new "commuter" concourse is finally finished. The jet bridges (or jetways, depending on preference) are closer to the ground to accomodate the lower sill heights.

The Dash-8's still roll up outside in the rain on the west side of the new concourse. I guess the props get in the way...
Yup. If they convert a larger aircraft jetway, they have to lower a gangplank to reach the floor of the CRJ. They do, however, have jetways specifically made for the CRJ. Since this is one of the best selling models right now, I'm sure we will see more of this in the future.

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