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CRJ Ground School

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Chopper Dave

New member
Aug 19, 2002
Hello All,
I'll be heading off to CRJ ground school next month and was hoping that some of you that have been through it already could provide some info
-what was the hardest part?
-which systems are hardest?
-how does it fly? (qualities)...... don't be like that!
-any good tips or info?
-any good tricks in the sim?

thanks for all replies- A new F/O
If you're new to "Glass" then the hardest part will probably be programming the FMS and interpreting all the information on the CRT displays. As far as flying the thing is concerned, its ususally not a problem because everything with the exception of one required engine out instrument approach will be done with the autopilot coupled. Just watch it go!;)

Hey, what's it doing now?:eek:
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Ugghhh ....Groundschool.

Chopper Dave,
Ground school was pretty painless. The first week you start to wonder why you did this to yourself, again. Afterward, it smooths out considerably. This is all dependent on the airline that you work for of course.

Sim tips:
configured (F45, gear down)
2.5-3.0 degrees down angle on pitch
65% N1(power)

develop the mindset for flying to mins and missed approach only, no landing. DONT FORGET TO SWITCH TO WHITE NEEDLES!! Again, your company may differ.

configured (F45, gear down)
depending on company limitations watch out for the MDA to be below the minimum A/P altitudes(ie., you have to hand fly to mins)
level flight requires about 80-85% N1
descents ~55%N1 with about 1500-1800fpm

steep turns
2.5 up pitch once established at 45AOB
~73%N1 in the turn
~70% for level

Throttle to idle at 100feet on alt callouts for landings.

10-12 up pitch initially
7.5 up for 250 knots
5.0 up for 290ish climb out

USE THE AUTO PILOT!!!! Especially when you are flying and the PNF has his head in the book troubleshooting problems, seen to many pilots try to hand fly the sim like they do online and it usually comes back to bite them. That is what it is there for, the sim is a computer, not an airplane.

Enjoy GS and sim
Learn the glass..........FMS.........the glass.........the FMS........otherwise, just when you think you've got it figured out, the circus music starts in the background and the next thing out of your mouth is "where are we going now?"

"Stupid brain never works." Homer (Simpson, that is)

I instructed in the CRJ for over
a year, the best advice I can give
you regardless of company is once
your done with systems is to spend
as much time with the FMS trainer
if you have one; and know your profiles
by memory. If your allowed, and you
should be to observe while your partner
is flying, pay attention to his/her mishaps.
Focus on the PFD and MFD while there
flying and your horizon's will open


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