Criminalization of Pilots: Are you next?


ASA pilot
Mar 31, 2005
Total Time
This is a slippery slope guys. You have an aw-s**t and the FAA comes after you - generally throwing on the "careless and reckless" whenever possible. Then it is up to people who were not there (but are generally familiar with aviation) to decide if you were negligent. If they prevail, and they generally do, you lose your ticket for a bit.

Now, make it a criminal matter and the group who decides your guilt, by design, is ignorant to aviation and is chosen specifically to act on only the evidence that is allowed before them. Facts which may exonerate you may be excluded based on technicalities. Then, the "ignorant" group weighs in on the case of this rich, arrogant, drinking(they all do), FA chasing pilot, against the great state of He-must-be-guilty-or-we-wouldn't-be-here, and the poor victims. Worst case - you are convicted and spend the better part of your life as someone's b***h. Best case - you've spent your life savings, probably lost your house and your job and, even though you were innocent, no one will hire you because of the publicity and the fact that you were convicted long ago by the media.

That may be true....but the same could be said of autos and boats.....What makes airplanes any different?

There needs to be a system that penalizes bad behavior yet protects our rights.....Nothing will be perfect....