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crew rest

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That's a 10-4 good buddy
Nov 29, 2001
The one and only reason there has not been changes to duty times is simple. Greed. As usual, it always comes down to $$$. The companies have it, you don't.

Because fatigue is so hard to qualify as a direct factor in so many accidents, it simply gets lumped in as pilot error.

If i remember correctly, the USAF had a 12 hour rest period. that's in times of peace mind you, and it was a few years ago, but I think its still the same. It was actual rest. At the hotel, behind closed doors, no crew responsibilities. I don't know if the other services do the same. Anyone know what the latest is for the military on rest times?

When the FAA starts listening to the NTSB and stops caving to airline special interest lobbyists, maybe a few more people will live a little longer. But then again, its only human lives, what's that worth?
About 2.7 million dollars. That's the dollar figure the FAA uses for the value of a human life when they do cost -vs- benefit assesments for new safety equipment and procedures. (Or so I've been told)

Seems kinda grim to put a figure on it. Hopefully things will change with some of this campaign finance reform legislation that's coming down the pipe. In the meantime we can all contribute to the ALPA PAC fund.
human factors

Besides crew rest there are several other factors which can account for many accidents/incidents. I just finished reading a book called "The Naked Pilot" which is about human factors in aviation. It's a little outdated but very good reading nonetheless. I forget the author and would look it up but a friend has it now.

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