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Crew Coordinators?? Do you have them?

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Well-known member
Oct 27, 2003
I was just wondering if your airline employed crew coordinators? Just in case you don't know what these people do, they are Not Schedulers, but an interface between the Dispatch duty manager and the crew scheduling department...

They spend there time looking ahead 4 to 6 hours for mis-connects in the "scheduled" crews plan of the day. These missed connections are caused by weather, Mechanical or anything that would make it tough on crews to get to their next assigned flight....

So if you're airline has them, or someone here does this kind of work I would appreciate hearing from you....
That would mean that someone in dispatch/SOC/Crew Sked/Travel would actually have to do some work.....Nope...pretty sure something like that won't happen were I used to work.
We got them, and it really helps avoid alot of delays....I was hoping to find other companies that do it as well....
I know there was talk about having one but alas, we are in this business to make money and not make anything easier for either the SOC or ultimately the pax.

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