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credit record during hiring

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New member
Dec 27, 2001
How interested are employers in new hire credit records?

How much of a negative record could a pilot expect to carry before he is no longer acceptable for employment, with a corporate?, regional?, mayor?? Under what circumstances is negative credit acceptable, bankrupcy?

Thanks for the advice, fly safe!!
Make sure you get a copy of your report before you interview. Some major's use them as an indicator of responsible fiscal managing. I require one to make sure the person is who he/she says he is and is telling me the truth. I don't want to hand him a card with a 400,000 limit and not see him again. I've also had a gentleman explain his bankruptcy to me and decided to hire him.( he racked up expenses while he was starting out in aviation and couldn't get out of the hole) I try not to take the moral high road and if the person has a plausible reason for the glitch I usually give them the benefit of the doubt. If you have a series of items on your credit report you'd better be able to explain each one because now you've crossed over to show that you have a habit of neglecting responsibility. Oh yes, and while the gentleman with the bankruptcy above had informed me of his reason, he also told me that it would have been easy to pay for training but he felt against it. I also share that view and his plight seemed more plausible.
If you live here in Georgia, you are entitled to a free credit report from all three reporting companies every year. Of course if you have been turned down for credit for any reason, you are also entitled to a free report as well.
Best Wishes,

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