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Crashpad Available in Memphis

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Evil Genius
Dec 5, 2001
One room available in Memphis as a crashpad. If interested, post a response and I will be sure to send e-mail for more information.
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Reply to Rockstar

It is express. It is just me. I am a RJ FO in Memphis. I am upgrading in Jan 2002 but spen most of the time at my girlfriends. The place is a one bedroom with a den (that is the room). It has enough room for a twin bed, dresser and small desk. I do not smoke or drink and am fairly reserved. The apartment is wired for High Speed Internet as well if that interest you. I still dont have any furnature there except for a dinner table and small tv and my bedroom furnature. Sorry, no couch yet. I should have one in feb or march when I can afford it. The place is nice, I have only lived here for 4 months and I am the first tenent here. It is at the Preserve at Southwind in Germantown, about a 15 min drive to the airport. I am looking for someone who commutes and does not spend the whole month there. That is the problem I had at the last crashpad. The guy said he only needed a few days a month and then moved in on me. It was a really bad situation. I bid mostly 4 and 5 day trips so I am only home 8 to 14 days a month. I keep the place very clean and simple. If this sonds like somthing you would be interested in please let me know. I am asking 250 a month for everthing. You would not pay any bills. I pay all of that. If interested, you can e-mail me at [email protected] and leave your phone number and we can talk about.
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