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Cover Letters??

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Well-known member
Dec 15, 2001
Getting ready to send out another round of Resumes to regionals and wondering if they even bother to look at the cover letter?

a) None.. they hate that extra piece of paper
b) Generic.. just to conform
c) Airline Specific.. they actually read the darn thing

What do ya think?
I would go with answer C. The best is to have a good resume, cover letter, and have someone send it in for you with a referral.
Get a book on writing business/cover letters. Brainstorm and research the company then write a creative, individualized cover letter showing that you know about the company, you know what they want, and by God, you are IT.
Some companies will ditch it immediately, but the ones that read CLs will be impressed. I've had calls for interviews in the past from Chief Pilots who asked me to go over my resume over the phone because they only have the cover letter with them.
It takes a little effort and work, but it pays off to be the one who catches their eye.

Good Luck!

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