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Courier Pilot Strikes Tower

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Well-known member
Feb 18, 2002
Fly safe folks, and say a prayer for the pilot and his family.

Small plane strikes TV tower; pilot killed

Associated Press

Published Mar 15, 2002
BROADWAY, N.C. -- The pilot of a small courier plane has been killed in North Carolina.

His plane rammed an 1,800-foot-high TV tower for WKFT Thursday afternoon near the town of Broadway outside Raleigh.

The plane was carrying paperwork for the Wachovia bank chain and hit the tower near the top, knocking it down and spewing canceled checks, deposit slips and other papers over a wide area.

A 12-year-old boy who was watching television nearby says his house shook. He says it felt like a bomb, and he ran outside as the tower crumpled to the ground.

Federal aviation officials are looking into the cause, but the sheriff says he thinks the pilot just ``flew too close to the tower.''
I knew the guy well. It's very sad indeed. It couldn't have happened to a better person.
I have a friend at RAF I was not able to get him on the phone yeserday. You said you know the pilot, would you let me know the initals please.
I just saw this in our local paper this morning. Condolences to all at RAF, I used to hang out over there when I first got back in the cockpit and without exception every pilot patiently answered questions from a mid-lifer with his head in the clouds. The ADO spent an entire afternoon doing so once.

I know the tower, too. It's on the route I take often from GSO to Harnett, southeast of the nuke plant.

Best Wishes Ram Air ...

Minh Thong
According to the FAA's accident investigation website, the Wx was:
WEATHER: METAR KTTA 142201Z AUTO 15006KT 10SM CLR 22/14 A3006

I dunno where KTTA is, presumably it's the closest reporting station to the accident.
David was in my class at flight school. Great guy and a very good pilot. This makes no sense to me. VFR, not near takeoff airport or destination, warm day in the Carolinas, bumpy below 3000ft, should have been on an IFR flight plan. I have not read the initial NTSB but this smells of aircraft trouble.
David will be missed by many. -Beantown
TTA is the new Sanford airport, nearest station to the area. Thursday afternoon weather (1600 EST) was gorgeous here. Given the time of day, the reputation of RAF pilots (consumate pros!) and the weather ... everyone I've heard talk about it locally feels that something else had to be going TU.

Again ... condolences.


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