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Couer D'Alene, ID

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Flying Illini

Hit me Peter!
Mar 9, 2003
Looks like I'm going to be out there from Thurs-Sun. this coming week. Any "must do's" out there? Anybody want to get together for a beer?


HMR, wanna pick me up in your super cub? :D
There is a new Hooter's(combination casino, first one in the US) half way in between Spokane and CDA. The lake is nice. Silverwood Theme Park is up the road. Spokane is about 1 hour to the West. Is there still aerial tours off of CDA Lake with Beaver's?
Actually, Silverwood is kind of lame. I was there last week. There were long lines, parking was $3, and admission was $30!!! Dissappointing for a theme park that was great once. They used to have airshows every night in the Summer time. They have good wooden roller coasters though.
ditto flagshipper...

If you are a 'handicapper' get an extra box of 'cheap' balls for the floating green.

The Coeur d'Alene Resort is the only place to stay... after breakfast you can go up to Hayden Lakes to visit Detective Mark Furman to see if he's thought up any new ways to colorfully characterize African - Americans, then go to the Aryan Nations Compound to enjoy a Hitler Burger for lunch.

Anyone know how much green fees are. The coure looks beautiful. Hope to play it someday. I am headed to Monterrey this weekend.

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