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Corporate Pay Rates

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Feb 15, 2002
I am seeking information on pay rates for Captain and FO positions on the Gulfstream V and the Falcon 2000. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
If you have over 1000 hrs PIC in the GV you're daily rate should be $1500 as a captain. I'm not sure what the daily FO rates are. Internationally qualified Captains with the experience listed above can command a salary from $140,000 to $160,000, FO's type rated or with extensive GIV time can command $65,000 to $ 90,000. Hope this helps, I don't know about the 2000.


Many professional periodicals post corporate pay rates annually via their own surveys. Pro Pilot, BCA, (I think), and maybe AIN? How correct they are is up to you.

Have you tried calling the respective manufacturers to see what they charge for their pilots to ferry, demo, crew, etc...

Good luck
corporate pay

The best source out there is the on by the Stanton Group. The reason it’s the best is that it gets its information from the HR departments not the flight departments. That eliminates any biases or agendas that chief pilots of crewmembers might have. It also breaks downs region of the country and number of aircraft flown. Hope that helps.

When you look at pay make sure you look at the whole package in addition to direct compensation:

Will they buy your house and pre-pay taxes for your corporate move. Do they help with closing costs. Provide an assistant for easing you into the new community, helping with schools spousal job placement and so forth.

Is there a signing bonus in stock options, stock or cash?

What is the health and dental plan like?

Is there a (normally discounted) stock purchase plan?

Is there an annual bonus based on profitabilty or cost savings?

Is there a matching 401k plan?

Is there a pension?

Is there profit sharing (normally resulting in free stock)?

Is there an Executive savings plan allowing you to defer income or contribute more than $11,000 or 10% to your 401k?

What does long term disability look like? Does loss of license qualify?

A good compensation package should add 30-40% to your direct compensation.

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