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Corporate jobs

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Dec 17, 2001
What are the prospects for a furloughed guy to break into corporate flying? I have already walked resumes in to FBO's and anyone else who would take one but no bites yet! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
It is very hard to give you an estimate on your odds of getting into Corporate as a furloughed airline pilot.

Every company is different in who they will hire... For example, the company I work for would require that you resign your seniority number at your airline. They do this because they spend $35,000+ training a new hire and we don't want to be a "stopping ground" for "transients"...

There are probably some smaller operators out there who may bring you on to ride the right seat with some in house training...

Again, every company is different....

Good Luck!
What Falcon Capt said is the stark reality of it. I'd search for a company that does in house training and try to set up a deal with them. I noticed you don't have much experience in corporate aircraft however your military background is a plus. Do you have any idea how long you'll be out? My company doesn't like the idea of hiring furloughed pilots becuse of the tenure issue. With some creative initiatives you may be able to help out certain operator's. One instance I could think of is by doing your training in house and doing your check-ride with the FAA. This takes a little bit of the sting out when you leave to go back to your old job. You've got the military spirit and you won't give up,so good luck plugging away.
Thanks for the info...its all good. Don't know how long I'll be out, haven't heard any rumors yet. Thanks again!

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