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Corporate Jobs--Other Duties

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H.N.F. 1924-2003
Nov 25, 2001
Just wondering what other duties (if any), other than flying, some of you have in your corporate jobs.

I once had a job where I would have to call customers and conduct a telephone interview about customer service and product support.
Get bags, get food, make reservations, put up X-mas light at his house, constantly running errands while on the road and many other things that really amount to about 90% of myu job, while 10% is flying
If a company has you coming in washing their planes and making sales calls on your days off from flying I would find another job. Either the bosses ego is too big or he/she can't manage the aircraft properly and is using you to make up for it. I can't speak for all corporate pilots but I'll tell you some of my resposibilities. As the captain I set up our rooms on ron's ,get a car rental or crew car, Find the best fbo ,which basically means cheapest gas.I do all our flight planning for USA Canada and Mexico and use a service such as World Aviation outside of these areas. The FO's is responsible for keeping up the Jeps and cabin cleanliness. If we had a pig on board we usually contract out aircraft cleaning and bill the client. The worst I've seen a plane get cabin wise only took 30 mins to clean up. Alot of people make a big deal out of this but I never considered it that much. 99.9% of the time we were out the door of the fbo 30 mins after our pax deplaned.You also are responsible for keeping track of scheduled Mx. We get a sheet with the times Mx is due and we always keep Mx abreast of where we are in those times. Very rarely have I had to come in on a day off. The only one I can think of was when the plane went down for heavy Mx and I went in to update my jeps. Our company is so dynamic, that we never know where we'll be on any given day. This drives some guys crazy I love it. That's why the pilot's take care of fuel, hotels and car rentals at my company. And on the other hand, some great corporate flight departments do all that for you and all you do is fly.
I work for a Fortune 100 Company, the only extra duties we have beside flight related duties are some Jepps. We have several World Jepp Sets and each pilot gets a section that he keeps up. We don't have to come in on our days off to do this, it is done at the beginning or tail end of your trip (but since the Jepps only update every 2 weeks, it isn't very often)

As far as picking FBO's, making hotel or rental car arrangements, our Dispatch handles all of that. On the road the crew takes care of ordering the catering, fuel and any aircraft services that might be required. When we get back home, we do the paperwork and that is about it...

I have to agree with the other fellow, if you boss makes you come in on your days off and do non-job related duties (sales calls, product support, wash the plane, etc...) I would look for another job (unless of course you agreed to these duties when you took the job)

Good Luck to all and fly safe!

Falcon Capt.
Where Im at sounds about the same as the others. The FO noramlly makes sure the cabin is stocked with refreshments, coffee, Ice, Newspapers, and clean. Also the FO monitors the Fueling and takes care of the paperwork there. And of course the capt can have the FO do as much or as little of the other prep work. No washing airplanes or any of the other stuff.

As the previous posts suggest, there are indeed different strokes for different folks. However, if your duites extend beyond managing aircraft and /or transportation responsibilities-look for a new gig. While the specifics vary with job, don't settle for being a gopher. If the company is not serious enough to give you the support to manage aircraft, such as cleaning crews, maintenance for the aircraft and hangar facilities, look for a job that does.
For example at our current company, our mechanics are part of the companys union, so they have specific duties (like stocking, cleaning the planes and hangar) so we would be subject to a grievance if we did any of the above. But I have done those things and still must when on the road- so be flexible without compromising your flight training & experience. have fun!!

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