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Corporate jobs in Chicago...

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Thanks for the fast reply!

I'm actually on the west coast now but I'm hoping to get back home! Do you know if they have an address or website, etc. ?

Thanks again for the info!
Sorry, I don't have that info...

They are listed on Jet Professionals site http://www.jet-professionals.com/Op.htm#givfo

The require 2,800 TT and 700 Jet minimum.....

Have you looked into the Charter Operators... I would think with your time you would have a better chance of getting in with one of those...


Scott Aviation at DuPage
North American Jet at PWK
Priester Charter at PWK
DB Aviation at UGN
Northern Illinois Flight Center at 3CK

Good Luck! Where is Chicago is home?

Looks to me that while the BP/Amoco flight department is based at MDW, they live at the Grosvenor Square Marriott in London. These guys spend a lot of time at the corporate headquarters in London. Everytime I go to Luton, I see one or two of their Gulfstreams there. Expect a lot of time on the road.
They do spend a LOT of time sitting in London... a very good friend of mine worked for them for about a year... he got sick of sitting in London for 8-9 days at a stretch and basically not flying....

They would often airline the crew home after sitting for 9 days and airline another crew out to sit with the plane "just in case"... He had enough of that and left...

They do pay very well if you don't mind sitting in London... a great "single man's" job.....

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