Corporate Jobs at KLUK (Lunken Field)


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Dec 3, 2001
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Anyone know of charter outfits or corporate flight departments based at KLUK (Lunken Field).

Thanks in advance...

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Nov 25, 2001
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Lunken is where I hang out for fun flying

Lunken is a fairly "closed society" as far as the good jobs go. There is EJM but they seem to be hesitant with former airline guys. Columbia Sussex just had an FO go back to EJM to get some PIC time. They are looking for a Captain to replace him on their CL-604 because their normal Captain is over 65 and they can not operate charters to Europe. Other than that the big corporate jobs go to insiders, and you rarely hear of the jobs before they are already filled. Delta Air Elite is looking for folks over at CVG.

There are some 135 jets at LUK but most have their crews right now.

Hope this helps, send Columbia Sussex a resume because you never know, I do not know their address but they own the Radisson at CVG and I am sure they could give you the address and maybe even a fax number.
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