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Corporate Job interview

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shoveling the dream!
Sep 28, 2005
Hey guys I've got an interview next week with a small corporate flight Dept. that also does some 135 flights. I've never interviewed for a position like this, as a matter of fact I've never had to interview anywhere before. What should I expect for the interview process? I've got the suits and will try to do my best to make a great impression but I don't want to go overboard(like coming off as an a$$ kisser). I really just don't know what to expect. Any advice is well appreciated. bell47
Wear the suit, unless specifically told not to. Look Professional.

Just be yourself. Most are not technical like airline interviews. They just want to know if they can travel and hang with you on the road. This gives you the chance to do the same with them. Sometimes personalities just dont match.

Being personable is something they may look very hard at also as, unlike the airlines, you will be in direct contact with demanding passengers. They will be asking themselves "how will the pax percieve this guy"

Be organized. I always have copies of all my training records etc, in case they want to see them. Its easy to keep them in a small 3 ring binder. Good idea to have some solid references too, many ask for them.

But best advice is....just to relax and be yourself.

good luck!
I plan on just being myself. I don't really have any training records, I've been an ag pilot most of my career.The CP emailed me and wanted three references so I emailed them to him.Should I have more available? I planned on bringing a couple of copies of my resume incase somebody else wanted one. I have a nice typed out record of my flight times broken down by hours(TT, Multi, Night,turbine, ECT), I planned on bringing a couple of copies of this too. I really want this job.References are no problem, as I try to make friends with people that I work for/with. Thanks GS200. bell47

logbook (I have had people ask for it)
a few extra resumes
copies of cert's / medical
10yr work history
salary history
copies of references (I have at least 5)
copy of passport / radio license etc (probably wont need)

by records I meant copies of FSI courses etc...just so I know when I last was in school for each aircraft (I fly more than one) just in case someone asked..

sounds like you did what they asked, it probably will be farily laid-back.

again, good luck!
Bring all the stuff G200 recommended. Wear your nicest suit. You can ALWAYS loosen a tie or unbutton a sleeve if the situation permits but show up in a polo and khakis when the boss decides to go formal and you'll lose big points.

Got It

Thanks for the advice guys, I got the job. It was very laid back, and really put me at ease. I wore the suit the first day, and the capt. kinda laughed. I think that really broke the ice. thanks again.
Good Job...Congrats!!!!!
Welcome to the world of corporate aviation. You have now done the hardest part. Once you get into the corporate aviation it is much easier to find the really good jobs and keep them.
Good work - congratulations!

When do you go to school?

I wish you much success and longevity!

G200- Great advice. This should really be a philanthropy for you. I got my first job by someone helping me along. And I wish I had more chances to help others. Just when I think this board has lost its purpose I see threads like this and I'm drawn back in.

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