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Corporate Interview

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Well-known member
Jan 8, 2005
I believe I may have an upcoming interview with a corporate flight department and I was wondering what I should expect/study? Is it anything like an airline interview? Any help is greatly appreciated.
I just interviewed with a Fortune 50 company recently and got the job. The interview consisted of a hangar/aircraft tour, lunch, then a formal interview with HR present. They didn't ask me what color tires were, but really wanted to know what kind of person you are. They didn't look at my license, logs, transcripts or proof of anything, but have everything with you just in case. It was mostly a few questions about my best and worst personal qualities, tell me about the time stories and what can you bring to the company that the other 60 guys can't. I brought up information about the company, its history, stock price/performance, etc. before I was asked, just to get that out of the way and to demonstrate that I wasn't ignorant about the company. Just be yourself, make alot of eye contact and be as positive about the company and position as you can. Don't bring up money or bennies until they bring it up, which they will. Don't seem to greedy at the initial interview, but don't sell yourself cheap either. They asked me how much and I said NBAA average at least. The reply was, don't worry we pay that plus some. The formal salary offer was extremely fair with unbelievable bennies. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and the interview was a very pleasant experience. In fact, if FedEx would call right now, I wouldn't go. Lastly, remember to email back each person you talked with at the interview individually and thank them for the opportunity. I did it and I'm sure it didn't hurt. Hope this helps. I waited two years after I retired from the USAF to get this kind of job and I shouldn't ever have to look again for another. Good luck and pm me if you need anything else. jet
Congrats to SlapShot for getting the interview, and another Congrats to JetDriver for getting the job!

I fly for a Fortune 500 flight department, and my interview process was very similar to JetPilot's. First I was called on the phone, and I spoke with the Chief Pilot for a few minutes. Nothing technical, just talked about the job, salary, and benefits, and briefly about my previous experience.

Next I was invited down to the airport to tour the hanger, airplanes, and meet a couple of the other pilots. Then we went out to lunch, and talked more about previous experience - felt like this was more of a personality screening process actually. After lunch I was invited to take a two-day trip with the Chief Pilot which turned out to be the actual interview process. He seemed more interested in seeing me talk on the radio, fly the airplane, and work in the system, then he did my knowledge of aerodynamics and technical skills. I also got barraged with several "what if" scenarios.

After we returned back home, and we shutdown the engines, he reached over and shook my hand and told me the job was mine if I was interested.

Everyone I talk to it seems that this is how the majority of corporate interviews go. It's all about your personality, and how well you are to travel with. Because you do spend a lot of time on the road with the same person for days at a time, and they want somebody that will be easy to be around.

Good luck, and be sure and let us know how it goes!

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