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Corporate Headhunters in Northeast US

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Elated Member
Feb 23, 2004
Does anyone have any information on corporate headhunters where you don't have to pay a fee for their service? Looking for one in the NE US. I know of one service, but it costs $100, or so, to get your resume out to prospective employers. I know, small price to pay, but I have no idea what their track record is, and I'm tired of paying for everything. Also, I'd appreciate any responses from pilots who have used these type of services.

If you want a job pay the money.TC
I agree with Jet Professionals, they have an excellent rep. I would add Leading Edge as well as Jan Barden's outfit, Aviation Personnel International to the list.
I tried Turner services once and paid the 100 for a "professional resume". They basically copied my resume and added a few misspelled words. Got my money back. They $uc%.
Jet Pro's or API/Jan Barden are both well respected headhunters. I spent several months and many hours completing the EXTENSIVE application process for API in September. Then the job I hoped they'd find for me came knocking without their help so my labor seems to be in vain. I was prepared for my new company's application process though, no doubt about it!!!!!!!!

API is located in New Orleans, however, I was told that they survived the hurricane and that evey file is safely stored in the electronic universe.

Good luck!!!!!!!

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