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Corporate Flying in IAH

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Go meet with the line managers at Atlantic Aviation and Million Air to see who operates there. You could also find someone with an NBAA directory of members that lists all participating members by airport. I have one but it is a few years old, I have been trying to get ahold of a current one myself. I use to frequent both of those FBOs and there was a lot of activity as well as aircraft based there. Tough to break into but not impossible !

Best of luck to you.

Hey Man,

I'm not too familiar with Houston corporate scene. I am however, well-acquinted with the 135 arena around town.

There had been a decided up-turn in the amount of charter flying going on since 9/11. I know of several furloughed guys who were able to score a charter gig at the smaller places without having to resign their seniority numbers. Our operation is interviewing right now, I imagine they would be suspicious of someone who will be returning to the majors someday, but a lot depends on your personality and short-term goals/philosophy. Drop me a private message if you'd like more specific information.

May ALL of you soon find yourselves in a warm cockpit somewhere,

Have any current info on Houston?

Post Enron, corporate flying at IAH seems to have slowed down quite a bit. I have seen several resumes from IAH based corporate pilots in the last year. The jobs are out there but it will take a great deal of networking. And everyone else is doing the same thing.

P3, wrong airport.
A couple operators keep their airplanes at IAH, but the lion's share of corporate and charter flying in Houston is at HOU, with a handful of other operators at SGR (Sugar Land).

I'm always interested in any opportunities out that way as I'm itching to get back to Houston.


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