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Corporate Flight Depts. in WI

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Corp Flying

No experience in WI, however visit the local FBO where you want to fly. My first Part time Corp job was found on the internet. I then went to the field and got interviewed and got the job. As I was in the Military at the time it could only be part time on the side. I have since met the Chief pilots at all of the other operations on the field. Networking is definately the key. Meet everyone you can at every FBO you can. In the corp world often the jobs are never advertised. It may go to the guy who is sitting part time in the right seat until they need someone full time.

Good luck
:) :) :) These numbers are two years old but worth a try. 1. Heartland aviation EAU 715-835-3181 2.Executive air GRB 920-498-4880 3. Titletown jet center GRB 920-494-2669. 4. Rice Lake RPD 715-458 4400 5. Kenosha jet center ENW 414-658-0030 6. La Crosse LSE Colgan air services 608-783-8359 7. Madison MSN Wisconsin aviation 608-249-2189 I would suggest that you head down to your local fbo and ask to borrow an AC-U-KWICK. If you don't know what that is don't worry, they will. It's a small book with all the airports nation wide with their associated fbo's serving the airport. Hope this helps.
Appleton, okay, I'm in Wausau. Over there I know Mercury Marine has a Hawker in Fond Du Lac, Kimberly Clark has multiple aircraft in ATW, Maxair has the fbo in ATW and does charter, and there are several corporate operators out of GRB, I'm just not famaliar with them. I would say just go hang out at the airport and knock on a few doors like the other post suggested. Corporate aviation is all who you know and being in the right place at the right time. Good luck and let me know if you find anything good, I'm looking for a good job too since I was furloughed by the airlines a couple months ago.

Capt. Over
Flighttracker, also see if you can get a copy of a recent NBAA member directory...mine is eons old, so I don't want to pass you bad info. But in that guide, it has listings by state, among other things, for ALL operators that are NBAA members...gives contact names, addresses, phone numbers, types of AC operated, etc.. It's a great 'bible' for a job hunter. Not sure if the guide can be purchased as a non-member but maybe. You can head to www.nbaa.org to get some more info.

It's likely anyone of the operators there in ATW would let you borrow their copy.

good luck.

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