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Corporate F/O positions

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Jan 2, 2002
I am an A&P avionics tech with an IA. I'm looking for a F/O position with a good corporate company. I have just over 1000hrs 110multi. I have worked 19years with two major airlines doing line maintenance at DFW. Any input on a future flying career,in the corporate world, would be helpful.
good background

You are a desired commodity, even today. Network around the airports close to you, post your resume in FBO's. Read the jobs boards. A good deal depends on your personal situation as to if you would move etc.

I do not want to promote things I am connected with so let me just say this, you are a product that you want to sell, use everything you can think of to get your name and story out there.
You are in the same position as a guy I fly with now. He was in the Dallas area and worked as an A&P with all his ratings. If you can get to an FBO that does mat. for Corp. jet types and make a good impression with someone you will be golden. The guy I fly with is now a Capt., he's an excellent pilot, knows the AC like no one else, and is pretty cool guy to fly with. Keep knocking on those doors, you will make it.
I would say that you will have more and more opportunities available to you just as soon as you get a little more flight time.

Right now, you could probably get an opportunity as an F/O on a Citation or a turboprop; after you get your times up to 1500 or so with 300+ jet or turboprop SIC you should be able to find a position on an aircraft that requires an SIC like a Lear, Falcon, Hawker, etc.

Those are just ballpark numbers, obviously, and you might be able to find a better opportunity earlier. At my old job (Westwind) they would love to find a F/O with an A&P just to do paperwork and wheels/brakes and stuff like that, but they are sticking to 2000tt/500multi/100 jet and they would pass on the A&P certificate before they would pass on the experience.
Thanks for the info. I was thinking of giving up on the flying career. I have been to all the airports in the area, it is vary difficult to get pasted the gaurd at the door, these days. But I will keep trying.
In addition to the usual sources like avcrew.com and findapilot.com also try flipdog.com hich will search out jobs that you specify. Also, http://raa.org has a membership directory there of many 135 and 121 carriers, with fleet info and contact info- maybe you'll find something useful there. Don't give up- you're probably a lot closer than you think, but it's hard to take all the rejection, that's for sure. What part of the country are you looking in?
I have been looking in the lower 48 states. It is vary hard to get any info on corporate flight departments. With the 135 careers I don't meet the mins yet or they require that I pay for building the time. I hope things, will start picking up and I can find somewhere to build the multi time that I need. Thanks again for the input.

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