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Corporate/charter jobs in St. Louis

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Happy to have a job
May 3, 2002
I'm going to be in St. Louis soon and was wondering where I should look.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
I met a guy that worked for Thunder Aviation. He seems to like it there. Seems like a good outfit. They fly citations and king airs. They are at Spirit of St. Louis......not much info but hope it helps some.
Dont work for Thunder (Blunder) you will be looking for a job in weeks. They are a new company. The owner (Moskoff) is an %&^%. At SUS try Monsanto (Hawker, G4, KA), Anheiser Busch (Falcons), Emerson Electric (Falcons), JetCorp(135 lears), Aerocharter (Sabre). There are several smaller operations. Go to the terminal (Jetcorp) and ask for a Spirit Directory. It will have all the companys and phone numbers. Good Luck
Thanks Encorepilot. I went up there this week and stopped at most the places you mentioned. I did stop at Thunder and the receptionist laughed at me. I thought wow what a professional place. Won't be stopping there again.

Going to make another trip up there next week. You gave me more places to try. Thanks again.

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