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Corporate Airlines

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Facts vs. Rumors:

Fact #1: Every month the number of "hard" lines of flying have been declining. This month only 17 "hard" lines, next month only 15 hard lines in STL.

Fact #2: We are closing our STL-TBN route indefinately. The Gov't is supposed to be resurfacing the runway, renovating the terminal, and installing an ILS. We have no clue when it will be finished, but it will probably be at least 3-4 months.

Fact #3: We had five Captains leaving to go to AirTran, but that class has been cancelled. They will probably remain on the property till next year. We have three going to SWA, and a couple going to other regionals. Don't expect any of them to leave soon (waiting on class dates).

Fact #4: We have an additional ten pilots on extended military leave, personal leave, and "voluntary furlough."

Fact #5: Airplanes that have been in storage since September 11th, have been towed from the storage area at MQY, into the hangar and some work was being performed on them. (To be ferried to the desert, or put into service?)

Fact #6: We have new management that seem to be a bit more knowldegable about this business than the last.

These are the rumors:

Rumor #1: We are recalling 10 furloughs for August 15th start.

Rumor #2: There is a possibility of new flying as early as this fall. Where? Who knows.

Rumor #3: We are going to see some rapid expansion and we will have Saabs on the property by Christmas.

Rumor #4: We are going bankrupt and closing our doors soon.

I am sure that I am a big help.

See Ya.
I was furloughed Sept. 18th, I got the call to come back July 1. I was in Smyrna last week and talked to several "furloughees" who were in class then for recurrent ground school. They also are scheduled for sim this week, I believe they told me that when they were done they would be going back to work.

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