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Corporate Aircraft Partners

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I have been away from my computer for a while. I would like any info on Corporate Aircraft Partners that you can provide. Did your friends get hired? How many hours did they have? What is the schedules? Pay? How do they like the company?

Thanks in advance!!
Hi lear35man,I am interested in this company too,I would really appreciate if you can give me any info about them.
Thanks juventus
This company operates like a fractional however the customers do not buy shares of the plane, they buy blocks of time. They fly jetstream 3200's. Several months ago they were looking for 1000TT and 250 multi, I'm not sure what they are asking for now. The pilots are paid salary. At that time they were only flying out of Cartersville, GA but were expecting to expand. Like I said this was serveral months ago and I'm not sure how the 9/11 and economy has effected them.

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