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CorpEx (3C) ???

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Nov 28, 2001
anyone fly for corpex on here? heard from another board that howell is going to resign...fact or fiction? what's the future hold for this company? just curious as i live under the tfc ptrn of smyrna so i have a curious interest. thanks!
not Corp Express

Howell is with Corp Airlines correct? Corporate Express is a whole different company in Houston TX I believe.

Maybe change the thread so the correct people will be inclined to look here and give an answer. I would like to know too. I was supposed to be in their next class once upon a time.
thanks but i think those in the know will know who i am talking about. also, 3C = Corporate AIRLINES
The top brass "resigned" (fired) last week due to the lack of success in rebounding from 9/11. The investors no longer trusted them to be able to "close" any deals. The company had several opportunities to grow revenues over the past few months and the powers that be let it all slip away. The new management group talks a good game, but only time will tell if they have the guts to take the risks that need to be made to grow the company again. Time will also tell if the investors will put up the capital.

Instead, the have instituted pay freezes, have limited drop trips and vacations, and have been pondering lowering the guarantees of the pilots. Morale in the crew room is so bad that many pilots only go to the crew room to pick up the mail, and get the flight release, prefering to hang out in the terminal. The only thing that people talk about is how the place sucks and how they are leaving (going where?)

The place is so negative, that it will be virutally impossible for any gesture of good will from the management to help make things better. The only way that this place will go from negative to positive, is to turn the clock back to 9/10/01 when we were growing like crazy and our careers were on track.

On the positive side, we have a lot of attrition of guys making lateral moves, and I am sure that more guys will be coming back from furlough, if they haven't yet found another job. I have moved 10 senoirity numbers in the last 3 months. If you come back from furlough, you will fly. I flew almost 75 hours the last month I was on reserve.

which top brass?

Is Chuch Howell gone? or is it the guys who worked just under him? I thought it was a family company (the Howell's).. but I have been wrong before.

Thanks for the update ThrottleJockey!
Yeah, Chuck Howell is gone, so is Turnbull. We all hope it is for the best but only time will tell. Don't quit your day job.


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