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cool callsigns

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(o) (o)

Well-known member
Mar 31, 2005
Ok....just to list a few, not in any particular order....

Dynasty: china airlines

Clipper: Pan Am, and also briefly used by Redding Aero (if I remember correctly, they flew C402s)

Speedbird: BA

Shamrock: Aerlingus
What's wrong with this post Metro?

I always enjoy hearing 'Waterski' or 'Cactus' on the radio personally...
I always dig the military calls. Viper, Cobra, Killr. They just sound cool, especially with their cracking UHF radios and masks.
NCFlyer said:
I think Metro is trying to say, use the search function.

I believe the following thread has 22 pages related to "Best Callsign".


Gotta love it. If no one ever posted what has already been posted we would have nothing to say to one another and I would have nothing to whine about.

That thread is 3 years old, give the poster a break.
I've gone off station using the callsign FOXY69. The female controllers typically chuckle a bit.

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