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contract work question...

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Well-known member
Dec 12, 2001
what are some average rates for contract Falcon 20 PIC work?

and where would be a good place to find this information online in the future?

thanks for your time folks...

and for those of you looking for work... try these links...

they could be old news but hotjobs seems to get postings often...

1. Pilot

2. Crew Station Design Engineer
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

3. Copilot-Aviation
Pharmacia Corporation

best of luck folks.
I think you need to specify what part of the country you are inquiring about.

I am more familiar with Westwind PIC rates, which can vary from $350-$800. SE pays the least, NE or West Coast usually the best.
These rates do not reflect anything connected with "moonlighters," or unemployed persons conducting part time contract work. Here are the average "spread" of contract pilot daily rates throughout the USA.

Contract Pilot Daily Rates - 2002
Gulfstream GII/III -- $600 - $800
Gulfstream GIV -- $700 - $900
Gulfstream GV -- $1000 - $1500
Challenger 601 -- $600 - $750
Challenger 604 -- $700 - $800
Global Express -- $1200 - $1500
Falcon 10 -- $400 - $550
Falcon 50 -- $600 - $700
Falcon 900/2000 -- $700 - $800
Lear 20/30/55 series -- $400 - $550
Lear 45/60 -- $500 - $750
Citation X (750) -- $700 - $1000
Citation III-VI-VIII (650) -- $450 - $600
Citation 500/550/525/560 -- $450 - $500
Astra Jet -- $450 - $600
West Wind 1124 -- $350 - $450


The above daily rates have some variables that any prudent businessperson would apply. The variables may included such considerations as:

1. Some self employed IC Pilots will add an additional charge for international and oceanic operations.

2. Long term contracts (such as 30 + days) often times will carry discounts from the normal daily rates.

3. Occasionally an operator may pay all or part of the training costs for a Contract Pilot and the daily rates would be negotiated on a lesser basis.Ê Caution should be used in this area due to the fact that this arrangement most definitely places the pilot and operator in an "employee" and "employer" relationship in the eyes of the IRS.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your post, but what are you basing these numbers on? If it is your own personal observation?

I can tell you right now that the Westwind pay is low- I know of guys were getting $600./day in the Northeast last month, and $400.-$450 is the going rate in my part of the SE, which is usually the lowest paying region.

I have heard of some guys at TEB getting $800./day but cannot confirm that personally.
Ty Webb,

I think the $350 - $450 a day for the Westwind is in the ballpark with respect to your price, "$400 - $450 a day." Again, you must look at the variables, geographic region or maybe the low end is some sort of deal the IC pilot and the operator have cut.

My info is from www.pilots4rent.com Take a look.

remember folks, that you need to make and additional 30 % on top of your contract rate to pay your taxes, since the employer is likely not making any deductioins for you.

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