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Contract Work Leads?

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Corporate Slug

Active member
Jan 25, 2005
Hi All,

Could use a lead for some contract work for the next couple of months, I am one of the guys caught up in the contract fight of a certian 747 cargo operator, so I have some "time off".

Current in the Citation 500 series with a current single pilot waiver for the Bravo. Lots of PIC in the type.

Other corporate type airplanes with gobs of time in are:

Cessna 300/400 series
Time in most of the light twins and singles out there.

Everything else is Boeing or Regional type airplanes that wont do much good for contract stuff.

Would appreciate any leads for short term work. SE based but mobile.

Thanks. PM's welcome if you know of something.
May have a lead for some part time in Southern GA, Baron now moving to a King Air 90 soon.

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