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contract pilots

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Active member
Nov 27, 2001
Has anyone done any contract work? How long does it take before you get paid. I did some and so far its been 3 weeks?
Just wondering.

That's all I have been doing for the last year and half. The one place I was at I got paid twice a month. That's when they paid the other pilots. When I first started doing contract work there though I would get paid when they felt like paying me. The place I am at now I get paid every week. Which is real nice. Most places around here pay you pretty quick within a couple of weeks. Just keep bugging them about it.
Any type of compensation should be negotiated up front along with what the expectation of pay is. When I have done contract flying in the past, I have always been paid within 30 days just like any other vendor. However, my last contract job was paying me within 14 days due to it being my only income.
Like FalconPilot69 and Dep676 it's on the average of about 30 days. I've tried manipulating the "terms" in the invoice to expedite payment but it doesn't work.

Just be patient.:eek:


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