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Contract Pilot Question

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Well-known member
Nov 30, 2001
What's the going rate to make your self available to a client? i.e. they dont have an trips but need a captain to cover the airplane (CE-550) in case on pops up........essentially standby. PM or post here please.
The same daily rate as if you were flying. If you're making yourself available to them you're not available to anyone else. Good luck.
I would charge them a little less than a full daily rate. However, if another trip came up I would charge them the full daily rate, or take the other trip.
Depends on what the operator asks of you.

"Hey, just a heads up, we might have a need for a pilot on this date, wondered if you have anything scheduled yet." = No charge but also take first trip that offers money.

"Hey, I have a trip on this day but it might cancel. I need you to be available if you're interested." = Daily rate, I bet the salaried pilot gets a paycheck if it cancels because he is garuntees his availability.
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Part time and Furlough sucks...guarantee your pay! I am living it so the rest of ya'll can BACK OFF!!!!

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