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Continental Jumpseat??

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Well-known member
Nov 29, 2001
I am looking to get in contact with the jumpseat coordinator for Continental and Continental Express. I have tried the phone number for the union offices but have received no return calls, the j/s persons mailbox is always full and won't accept any messages. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Has something bad happened to you recently on CAL or CALEX?

Did you have a bad experience? Just curious.

BTW, do you work for TSA Flash?
Nothing bad on the part of CAL, just since last year it seems they have changed their jumpseat policy. Our company had a letter stating that we could jumpseat, now we are told no. I believe they have a new list in their operating manual and we are not in it yet so that's what we're working on. I don't work for TSA, Shuttle America, pre Saab employee!

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