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Continental is 55th Best Comp. in USA

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Dec 15, 2001
CAL Makes Top 100 for Best Employer to Work For

America's Top Employers
It's not easy being good these days, at least if you're an employer. Suffering through the recession, American businesses have cut back on everything, which means they've slashed perks and fired lots of workers. In this dark time of cuts and layoffs, what makes a company fit for FORTUNE's list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For? We gave companies credit for coming up with creative ways to keep employees satisfied, and for offering generous severance and compassion when they had to make cuts. These companies also rose to the occasion following the tragedy of Sept.11, and that is what being one of 100 Best is all about.

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What about SWA?

You may notice that SWA, who ranked in the top 5 for the last four years, was not on the list.

I think the only reason they weren't number 1 on the list is they chose not to compete this year. Yet again, SW shows itself to be a class act by not flaunting their success in these troubling times.

Besides, everyone already knows they are the best.
"Besides, everyone already knows they are the best."

...talk about not flaunting success in these troubling times. Hey, Pot, this is the Kettle, you're Black!!

SWA may be the best run airline - success comes from keeping labor costs low. Enjoy your job, and enjoy the ride. Things will come full circle in due time.

...and I don't fly for CAL. I posted the ad to provide information for people who may be interested in this Major Airline.
From another article about the list...

Southwest Airlines Co., which had been in Fortune's top five every year since 1997, didn't make the list because it didn't apply. Airline industry troubles after Sept. 11 kept corporate leaders occupied with other matters, said Ginger Hardage, vice president of corporate communications.

"Each year the application process was more and more time-consuming," she said."We thought it would be more important for us to devote the time to our employees and walk the talk rather than enter the contest."

Hopefully they'll compete again in the future, it's nice to see some recognition for having a good work environment.

Official SWA explanation

This is from the SWA Flight Ops web site:

"Though being ranked in the top five of FORTUNE magazine’s “The 100 Best Companies to Work For in America” over the last five years was something that made many of our Employees extremely proud, Southwest chose not to participate in the 2002 listing–released today–for a number of reasons. Primarily, our Leadership Team feels that it is far more important for each Southwest Employee to “Walk the (Southwest) Talk” than it is for us to be spending an increasingly inordinate amount of time trying to compete, on paper, with other companies regarding who does more for their employees; who cares more for their employees; and, most important, why certain companies “do for” or “care for” their employees. Everything that we do at Southwest–whether it is for each other or for our Customers–should be done because we think it is the “right thing to do,” not because we are trying to gain recognition for doing it."

CAL was the only other major airline on the top 100 list (I believe) in the past, so their ranking this year is not very surprising to me.

Advice to everyone reading this board: NO airline is "nirvana." Each pilot has his/her own priorities. One pilot might fit in great at UAL or AA, but not at SWA, jetBlue, etc. The opposite is also true. Stop bashing various airlines -- every airline has its positives and negatives -- just like the people that work there.
Wasn't CAL the first to slash jobs? Not to mention an airline that eagerly furloughed about 25% of its pilots to be able to show a profit a little earlier than otherwise?

Sounds like a great company!

Of course, I'm sure CAL pilots were kept "satisfied," and CAL "offered generous severance and compassion when they had to make cuts"
"and I don't fly for CAL. I posted the ad to provide information for people who may be interested in this Major Airline"

And although I hope to someday, I don't fly for SWA yet. I posted this response because I felt it was necessary to answer what would inevitably be on everyone's mind who read this post.

I felt SWA's absence from the list, and the reasons why, was just as important as CAL's being number 55 on the list. I apologize for saying "everyone knows SW is the best anyway" - just my opinion. I did not mean to start a "my airline is better than your airline" thread.

Good Luck to all,

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