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continental IO-550

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Well-known member
Jun 17, 2005
Anyone out there with IO-550 that has crank shaft corrosion so bad that they have had to get the engine top overhaul? We have had some gulf coast based cirrus 22 that have been overhauled due to the corrosion between the case and the prop flange. I would love to know if this is isolated to the area and the cirrus of if it may be happening to the cessnas'
A question for you.

If the crank is corroded, how does a top overhaul cure that? I thought once you get to the crank, you have split the case, and that would put you into the major overhaul range.

Not a mechanic, and I thought a top overhaul just involved cylinder removal and such. Trying to learn something here.

I am An IA and an Top Overhaul only consist of the exchange of Cylinders and the upper ends of that to corrrect Crank Corrosion one would have to Remove the engine from airplane and split the case halves to replace or correct anything with the crankshaft other than the replacement of connecting rod bearings

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