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Continental Express

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Nov 26, 2001
Hey everyone! I'm just wondering if anyone has any news on Continental Express. I had a class date of 11/5, but of course 9/11 has put it on hold. Just curious if anyone knows when call-backs 'could' start, or any other information you may have.
Check www.calforums.com for the latest info. Since you were never technically "on property" and thus "furloughed," you do not have access to www.calalpa.org, the official source of information.

As for when callbacks could start, our flight ops voicemail said 3rd quarter 2002 at the earliest for CALEX. CAL does not plan any recalls in 2002. Right now, we have about 560 pilots on the street. 486 CALEX guys and another 72 CAL guys who couldn't hold flow-down positions at Express. Its going to be quite awhile to get these guys and gals back on property. My best guess....2 years? Good luck....hope to see you on property sooner than that though!

My advice is to look elsewhere for a job. Some of the other majors that fly small jets are still hiring. I've heard Comair, ASA, ACA, et al are conducting interviews. Can anyone confirm this?
Hey buddy, I was scheduled for the Nov. 5th class as well. Its pretty unfortunate but there is other stuff out there you can go for. Plenty of small charter companys are looking for pilots plus many regional out there. ACA and ASA are not hiring right now but look at Comair, Skywest, PSA, Piedmont, Allegheny, and Chicago Express. Give them a shot and see what happens.

Good luck man.

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