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Nov 14, 2002
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See Ed Bolen’s letter to the NBAA Membership. Go to click on #1 "TELL CONGRESS OF THE VALUE OF BUSINESS AVIATION" and complete the short form so that the appropriate congressman receives your letter which is available for viewing before you submit it.

Then repeat with NBAA Letters to Congress 2-4!!!!

Dear NBAA Member Representative:
As everyone in our industry knows, the business aviation community is facing severe turbulence on several fronts. Our industry is being stereotyped and pilloried by the press, and the people and businesses in general aviation are weathering one of the worst economic storms anyone has ever seen.
The challenges coming out of Washington appear no less daunting: In the three weeks since the 111th Congress was sworn in, business aviation has repeatedly been in focus for lawmakers. A troubling pattern seems to be emerging in which some policymakers are discouraging and disparaging the use of general aviation for business purposes - a pattern in evidence as recently as this week.
NBAA is working to address the challenges we face in the media and in the policy arena. We recently sent a letter to the White House, reminding policymakers that general aviation is about jobs. The letter goes on to state that, "Instead of discouraging companies from accepting and using business airplanes or any other strategic business asset, policymakers should be looking for ways to increase general aviation manufacturing jobs, promote economic development in communities without commercial airline service, and facilitate productivity and efficiency at companies trying to do more with less."
We're taking this same case to the media, giving interviews to news outlets like theNew York Times and CNBC, and submitting opinion pieces to newspapers like theWall Street Journal. We can’t guarantee that our comments will be published verbatim, but we'll keep working to explain the importance of business aviation to companies and communities across the U.S.
While NBAA’s work to advocate for the industry will continue, your direct involvement in our efforts is as critical as ever. Your voice is needed to remind policymakers in Washington that business aviation generates jobs, economic activity and local investment in every state and congressional district in the country. We need policymakers to advance proposals that allow companies in business aviation to survive and keep people working.
You can send Congress this reminder with a new e-mail message NBAA has prepared for use through the Association’s online Contact Congress resource. Contact Congress – which has helped our industry make its collective voice heard on user fees, onerous TARP proposals, and other issues – is quick and easy to use.
I invite you to send your message to Congress today by accessing Contact Congress at
Thank you for your help in making sure the voice of everyone in our industry is heard, and the importance of business aviation is understood.

Ed Bolen
President and CEO
National Business Aviation Association