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Oh Yeahhhh
Nov 26, 2001
Anyone in training at SWA:

Does the hotel used for new hires in training have an ethernet connection or do you use a dial up?

I'm spoiled here at home with a cable modem.

I was wondering if I'll need to sign up for a dial up modem connection while at the hotel.

And, if that is the case does anyone know of a decent free or extremely cheap dial up service?

I guess that would depend on the hotel your staying at. At one hotel I stayed at when I was interviewing all they had were phones. A friend of mine who is going through training right now is in the same hotel. He said that his baud rates were down to about anywhere from 24K to 16K. For me this does not sound unusual. My hypothesis is that the hotel phone system and associated switching gear really degrades the connection speed. This I have noticed is more prevalent in the lower cost hotels. They have to save money somewhere.

My guess it that while your in training your going to be too busy to do anything but check your email. You don't need too much speed for that.

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