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Congressman drops trou for DCA security

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At 75 years old, he probally enjoyed someone ASKING him to take his pants off.

At least he didn't freak out like the SS Agent.
Cong. Dingell

Briefs or boxers???!!!
And Mr. Mineta (DOT) phones him special to appologize! FOR WHAT!!!! Mineta and Jane Garvey are incompetent to hold their posts. Everytime you think the government can't get any more screwball, they do.
Unfortunately this is a major problem. The media jumps on every case like this, plus the so called profiling so this causes security companies to have their people back off and loosen up. We got to realize if you set off the metal detectors your going ot get searched, no matter who you are or your race, religion, back ground, etc.

Until everyone takes security seriously it'll be just as much as a joke as it was on 9/10.
So if Dingell was speaking the truth about wondering if he were treated exactly the same as other passengers, the answer is no. The general public doesn't get a concerned phone call from Mr. Mineta (DOT) after their strip search!

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