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Congressional Leak Georgia Rep. Urinates

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Marmaduke McPug

Active member
Jun 13, 2002
Congressional Leak Georgia Rep. Urinates in Cup on Flight Home
ABC | 06/14/02

Posted on 6/14/02 10:15 PM Pacific by The Magical Mischief Tour

June 14 — Airline officials are trying to figure out if there is anything to be done after a Georgia congressman urinated into a cup on a flight from Washington to Atlanta on Thursday night.

Democratic Rep. Sanford Bishop, flying from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport to Hartsfield Airport on Delta Flight 1717, got up to go to the bathroom after the mandatory half-hour when passengers must stay seated, but found the lavatories on the airplane occupied, his office and aviation sources said. Sanford then asked a flight attendant for a cup, and "may" have said he intended to relieve himself, his office said.

He went to a section of the plane between the cockpit and first-class, then urinated into the cup, said Bishop spokesman Selby McCash, who described the congressman as "a very gracious and courtly gentleman."

No one accused him of exposing himself to the flight attendants or crew.

Controversy Over Dire Straits

There is some disagreement, however, over how dire the congressman's straits were.

McCash said Bishop had drunk a large amount of coffee, the flight had been delayed, and by the time the half-hour in the air was up, long lines for the bathroom formed at either end of the plane.

Bishop was in the middle of the craft and "in distress," McCash said.

After he relieved himself, he waited for a lavatory to become available, and "disposed of the cup," the spokesman said.

Sources, however, insist there was no line, and said the congressman simply couldn't wait.

Authorities briefly detained and questioned Bishop after the plane landed because the spot he chose to relieve himself is a secure area.

Delta officially had no comment on the incident.

Well Hells Bells!!!

I hope the mods read the post before they whack it based on the title…

My cut and paste skills are somewhat lacking.

The headlines could have read congressman wet pants and seat while staying seated due to the mandatory must sit policy of DAL while on approach to Reagan International. They are never happy. I used to fly people from one of our local islands, they used to just squat on the floor and pee, anywhere. I feel for the guy, nothing worse than having to pee and can't.
Well I can't imagine that the flight was that long anyway. I mean after the 1/2 hour rule was up there couldn't have been that much longer until they landed. If someone that doesn't have a medical reason can't hold it for a hour or so. Then he shouldn't have been drinking if he knew he couldn't hold it. I have had to go so bad I could feel my eyes floating on a road trip. But when the kids are sleeping in the back and you have a long way to go and don't want them to wake up because you had to stop. I just hold and until it's a good time to stop. I mean come on it's not like he was on a 6 hour flight to where he couldn't hold it. Just another congressman thinking he is above the law. They should make a example out of this nit-wit. Just my 2 cents.
Wait till you get to be over 45, the ol' pee thing becomes a hassle, you just can't hold it, it just trickles down your leg, feels great.

Are you suprised?
Maybe they should have saved the cup for the department of homeland security. I feel sorry for him or any other passenger who suffers from rules put in place by a paranoid government.
I still believe washington is crying wolf to give otherwise unemployable people jobs.ie.security screeeners and over paid washington insiders.
my .02..
Well said, wildbill!

It's a sad day when that kind of personal information is splattered all over the news. This sort of thing could happen to anyone.
Sporty's could start selling special Depends for the flight crew, with captain and FO rank insignia, and FA's could offer complimentary models to the passengers, maybe with the airline logo.....:D
I don't necessarily think it is a sad day when this type of "personal information" is spread around. I would expect more from a 5 year old child. "ok son, make sure you go right before the flight so you don't have to pee in a cup"

Maybe I'll eat my words some day and need to pee in a cup, but as I see it, there's no harm in calling the guy an idiot.

Heck, a whole bunch of morons across our great land still bring up the time when Quayle mispelled potato, certainly peeing in a cup mid-flight is funnier than that!

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