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Congress hearing on rule changes...

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I've been doing my bets to keep on the current state of discussions. I am very afraid that we are going to wond up with crap schedules due to fatigue issue. At my company if there are kids running up and down your hall all night at the hotel, you'll likely be sent home with pay. If you just didn't go to sleep because you were watching the game, go home with no pay. If you are habitual fitiguer, you'll get extra attention. I am still of the belief that we should not be scheduled any longer 12 hours. For IROPS, we should be able to go to 14 possibly 15.

We all like to see the new hire experience be a little higher but we may paint ourselves into a corner economically with a 1500 hour requirement. I like because we will be able to weed out the idiots a little bit better where as at 250 hours how much time has there been to see if they will really screw up. 1500 does only a litttle bit better here but it does allow for the candidate to LEARN HOW TO TALK ON THE RADIO. Economically, the regional's may go the Legacy carriers and plead for them to stop taking their pilot or do at much reduced levels. Will you wind up stuck instead of at a legacy because the FAA instituted rules like this? Tough to say but it is something to think about.

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