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Congratulations Pdt Mec!!!

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Mar 4, 2002
Congratulations to the Piedmont MEC!!! GOOD JOB!! You surrendered before the 1st shot was even fired. In addition to selling out the other wholly owneds, this is what your future holds for you: less benefits, pay cuts, furloughs, less aircraft, super seniority, & most importantly the chance that you MIGHT MAYBE get to see a mainline guy fly an RJ at your property!!! Piedmont Pilots better tell their MEC to act like they have a pair & do something before it's too late!! Who in their right mind in any way would agree to an unsigned document, especially LOA 81!! WE HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER OR WE'RE ALL SCREWED!!!!!
what did you hear?

You must know more than me. What did they do?

I heard that they have actualyy done nothing but agreed in concept to the LOA, but did not sign on. I also heard that they are going to hear on Monday the concessions and details, and see what they are negotiating for.

I agree with you, I am concerned PDT MEC may have screwed us, but we will see. At ALG our mgt was saying, agree and sign LOA 81 or nothing.. there would be no negotiating, these are the terms tell us yes or no. I heard the ALG MEC would not sign for a number of good reasons, would allow scabbing -as our pilots are furloughed they would be bringing outher pilots from outside our seniority list to fly, our alter-ego clause would be violated with the formation of Potomac, the LOA 81 was not signed, the concessions would not be specified, and many more.

We want jets.. just not this way. As a result, I have been one of the first to get furloughed.
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Agreed FR8

I'm not sure what is going on over at PDT and ALG but we are very much in the dark about things right now at PSA. We got a new contract friday without a pilot vote. Go figure. If you guys are furloughing, we will probebly soon follow. If it's just to get a jet on Property, I'd rather fly a C150 then starve my family.

Good post.
The Piedmont MEC has NOT signed any agreement as of yet. They merely have been negotiating with the company to see what is being offered. Currently they are having an outside polling firm contact line pilots to see how they would feel about flying the RJ's at dash rates, giving up pensions, and other contractual relief in exchange for for RJ's. I personally don't think they would give in to concessions they just want to see what the pilot sentiment is. Management has indicated a willingness to cut one third of the pilot positions at PDT if an agreement is not reached by May 10.
Dear Fellow Employee
Dateline: Salisbury, Friday May 03, 2002 By: John F. Leonard, President

May 3, 2002

Dear Fellow Employee,

As a result of the economic difficulties that US Airways Group companies are experiencing, we have found it necessary to reexamine our fleet composition. The result of that effort is a decision to reduce the number of turbo prop aircraft flown by the wholly owned Express carriers.

In order to reduce our turbo prop fleet, it has been determined that we will return DHC-8 -100's as their leases expire. This means four aircraft will be returned on or about July 1. In addition, nine more leases expire on January 1, 2003 and those lessors have been notified that those aircraft are being returned. Further, the three remaining deliveries of DHC-8 -300's have been cancelled, so our fleet of -300's will remain at twelve.

These actions are indicative of the seriousness of the situation facing us. We are examining ways to become sufficiently cost competitive to upgrade our fleet in order to meet our customers' increasing expectations.

The impact on those employees directly affected will be significant. An analysis of the numbers of people impacted is underway and will be announced shortly.

I fully recognize that this departure from our previous plan is a cause for concern, but we all must adapt to the realities facing us in the current environment for US Airways Group.


John F. Leonard
Yup. Typical. We must adapt to the whims of mainline, because they have pilots on furlough. Even though we make the money for the WHOLE company, you must take the hit. There will be no negotiations. Doesn't this sound like extortion to you guys? Perhaps you should have joined the rjdc and helped us to fight for your rights. Well, I hear you guys hired the same lawyer we are using, so perhaps he can help you out. I just hope it's not too late. Good luck to all.
1900, PDT did sign off on LOA in principle. Hopefully this wont come back and bite them in the arse. Patomac you see is in LOA 81 and by agreeing in principle to POT it will be really hard to later say you didnt mean POT could be an alter ego. The judge will just say "you agreed to it in principle, so why is it a problem now?"

WHAT are you talking about??? We are gonna be sold off because we won't buy into the LOA 81 crap.
Who'd want to buy a bunch of old airplanes in need of d-checks and also, how is us air going to get fed. loans if they sell off the only part of the business that's making money?
Send this info to the Gov

Here is how:
[email protected]

He is an aid to Sen. Frist of TN. He is looking into the use of Gov funds to purchase jets to put other pilots (from the same company) out of work.

Also send your info to your own represenatives. They are starting to get the picture. Send them all the facts you can provide.[email protected]

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